About Sports Seam

Sports seam is an artificial intelligence based platform that provides the necessary tools to empower fantasy players to make informed decisions. Sports seam can be easily accessed on the web or on a mobile app, and can help you make those hard dreaded decisions confidently. To win, one must be fully aware of every player option and underlying factors. With sports seam, fantasy starts to seem a little easier.

Sports Seam has a database with statistics you didn’t even know existed. As a user you will be able to get any question answered through our platform. In addition, every question can be asked and answered by voice through our website, mobile app, or even Alexa!

If you are in a bind, Sports Seam can help choose which player would be the most stable option in any scenario. How? Sports Seam can run countless simulations with updated rosters, meaning if a top CB is injured, Sports Seam will address how the defensive team will shift their coverage and which offensive player would have the most opportunity thereafter. In addition, pick players from the winning team for more potential points, as our simulations will be able to predict the outcome of any game.

In a season long league? Take control and never look back...

Although you can not predict injuries or trades, cough cough OBJ, Sports Seam will aid fantasy users in accessing the necessary data for Draft Day. Once in season, a user can continue using our software to gain access to the best available options involving adding or dropping players if your in need for a flier for a weekend or a season long replacement. As the season goes on and various events occur, sports seam offers suggestions on what to do so you never have to panic.

There is Beauty in Simplicity

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